About the author

The well-known Belgian physicist Dirk Ploegaerts is a nutritional and health advisor and a science consultant in complementary and alternative medicine.

Back in the nineties he studied physics, philosophy, biomedical engineering and medical radiation physics at the famous university of Leuven, Belgium and in Linköping, Sweden. Thereafter he went to the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and the UK.

At present he works as a senior educator and communications expert. He participates in several councils and boards and is a free-lance writer, illustrator and webdesigner. Dirk performs jazz music for a limited audience and is regularly to be found in the company of his fellows circus artists. In all his endeavours he makes sure to use none other than 100 % natural elements, to act fully in accordance with the laws of nature and not to believe everything he reads on the internet.